I highly recommend this set of oils as it addresses an overriding theme of some of the most common challenges I've encountered from clients' lives over the last 13 years.  The set assists and reminds you to align with your personal center, anchoring into the body and present moment, while arising in clarity, mood & inspiration.  That is what this beautiful set offers and reminds us: daily to remain in the practice.  This set was created by the brilliant Elana Brower as a yogic blend and offers great mind-body medicine with each use.  


Arborvitae is my current favorite oil.  It's natural scent is of a highly sacred oil and is assists us to stand strong while relaxing into our own true nature as an infinite soul of great wisdom and steady presence.  Arborvitae supports you to release struggle, fear, rigidity & distrust while assisting us to take a deep breath, trust the flow of life & live by a higher divine grace.  It blends beautifully with Lemon, Geranium and Lavender oils and comes directly from the Arborvitae tree tree whose name means "Tree of Life".   Highly recommended. 


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I love the Serenity blend.  It offers assistance with relaxing, grounding, headache relief, calming emotions, sexual & reproductive ease, restful sleep, and is a general great comforter.  It's great applied topically, taken orally, and infused into a room or warm bath at the end of the day.   If you're struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, fear or grief - this is a great oil for you.  


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Balance is one of my all-time, long-term favorites and go-to's.  I experience it as an energetic chiropractic alignment in a bottle.  This blend of essential oils has shown to improve ADD / ADHD, anxiety, Autism, Bi-Polar Disorder, Depression, temper problems, mood swings, sadness, and is appropriate and helpful for both adults and children.  I love the smell of it and find it very comforting and reassuring too.  I'd also recommend this oil for internal strength, confidence, and calm under pressure. 


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The breath is a natural, life-giving, sacred gift that connects us to our own nature within and around us.  I work on improving breathing quality with 100% of the people I work with.  The Breathe oil blend reminds and assists us to breathe more deeply and completely, reducing anxiety & stress response, increasing oxygenation of blood & brain, moving you out of 'Fight-or-Flight" (sympathetic nervous system reactivity) and into "Rest-and-Recover" (parasympathetic nervous system response).  In today's fast-paced, high pressured lifestyles, breathing well is of paramount importance.  That's why I highly recommend this oil especially if you're challenged by any type of respiratory challenges.  This oil offers the invaluable experience of clear airways and easy breathing.  


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Everyone loves Lavender!  Lavender is an age-old, highly revered natural remedy for anxiety, tension, frustration, overwhelm,  angst, skin problems, and seasonal allergy relief.  It relieves headaches & depression, it's a sedative, disinfectant, & analgesic (pain reliever).  This extremely high quality oil works beautifully well in baths, diffusers or applied topically.  Try rubbing it on the bottom of your feet and back of the neck for a potent sleep aid.  Enjoy!

"I Am Still Here"

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