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InnerRemedies Life-Visioning Community 

                   Jenna Grayson

  Clinical Hypnotherapist 

  • Weekly Life-Visioning Calls

  • Future Bonuses

    • Interactive Group Coaching

    • Personalized Meditation Recordings

    • Discounts on events/programs

    • ... many more

What they're saying:

Jenna is an absolute gem and a most wonderful guiding resource in my life. ... I would recommend Jenna to anyone looking for guidance in navigating through life and its challenges.
-Alexandra T., Los Angeles

"Jenna is a wonderful, compassionate soul that is so accepting & non-judgmental... Her skill combination is truly unique and she is so easy, open and friendly to talk with. I really can't recommend her enough."

-Simone L., Santa Monica

"...I left Jenna's office GLOWING!  "

-Kelly J., Los Angeles

"Jenna has an aura of love and kindness, acceptance and honesty. ... She has a diverse and complete tool box of healing techniques and always leaves me feeling whole and loved.  I highly recommend Jenna."

-Cara L., Venice, CA

"Jenna is a highly skilled, sensitive and compassionate healer... She is my 'go-to' Hypnotherapist!"

-Jordan Hoffman, LAc,
Los Angeles

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