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What is Clinical Hypnotherapy

Would you like to overcome fears or phobias, find inner balance, enhance your performance, eliminate anxiety, support your body's healing capacity?   You will find benefit after a single session, and know that the benefits are cumulative with repetition.  Once people see the benefit of one challenging issue, they often want to work on others.  It can be very exciting to overcome long-held challenges while in a state of deep relaxation. 

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

- Overcome Fears / Phobias
- Habit Change
- Weight Loss
- Performance Enhancement
- Audition Confidence

- Release subconscious Self-Limits 

- Surgery Prep / Recovery 

- Align Mind-Body Healing 

- and more!

Set up a time to talk to see how Hypnotherapy can benefit  you!

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Other Therapies Offered

​- Hypnosis
- Guided Meditations
- Talk Therapy
- Energy Healing 

- Past-Life Regression 
- Compassionate Guidance 

- Guided imagery

Also available:

- Private Sessions 

- Seminars & Workshops

- Long-distance Sessions 

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